Night owls

Honest question, any night owls here that can never fix their sleeping? no matter how hard i try, i default to stay up at night. I do like night time, its very.....peaceful, and if its extra quite it almost feels like you are all alone but in good way. idk some get freaked out by night i dont get it. 

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Rose Anthoney

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You may be one of us delayed sleep phase folks. Personally, I operate best on a polyphasic sleep pattern, and I do all of my work between 11pm-5am. There's a whole bunch of the world's population who naturally operate differently than the standard 9-5 daywalkers.

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I tend to draw more randomly at 3am lol

by Gabe︻╦̵̵͇̿̿̿̿╤───; ; Report

Lol, same. My art production is usually best between 3-5am.
It's actually quite common for neurodivergent folks to operate better on altered sleep patterns. It goes all the way back to hunter/gatherer times where we had small villages of up to 500 people. We're finding that many people who find themselves on the spectrum have genetic ties back to the Neanderthals, and they find that cutting away from the modern lifestyle and engaging in a more natural schedule and diet, they can excel easier than ever before. And then if we look into those with ADHD traits, natural nootropics can help immensely.
I start my days around 6pm with a cup of coffee with a few Saffron stamens in it, and this allows me to stay awake and motivated without worrying about if I'm interrupted, since I can go back to a task without too much demand avoidance.

by Rose Anthoney; ; Report

Funny you said 6pm that's time i woke up today lol. Yeah that's pretty cool. i just wish night was longer lol. kinda in drawing mood now.

by Gabe︻╦̵̵͇̿̿̿̿╤───; ; Report