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Handsome Ghost Birch Trees

I'm so grateful I get to create with Sadie, we met on a bridge in Echo Park, and I left the interaction being blown away by her talented. Since then we've made a few videos together this being the first one that we officially Co-Directed although all the previous pieces were deeply collaborative.

I gave Sadie a few songs to see if one jumped out at her, and we mapped out a rough feeling together for the piece. Then sadie dove into all the movement for the piece and I starting brainstorming how we'd film it.

Originally this piece was danced to the band's song Call Me, but the band felt they needed a different Music video for that song so we dove back into the edit and started mapping out how our footage would work with a different song. 

Despite already having everything film, a phone call with the producer of the Call Me music video gave me some amazing advice, I spoke to how I tend to write too much for music videos, and He said he does too and then in the edit he smooshes it all together, allowing for a lot of visual texture and lots of opportunities to reengage the viewer. 

Our string out edit of all that Sadie and I created was roughly 8min long, so it took a bit of throwing stuff at the wall to figure out the right way to have all of our ideas flow properly. Finding moments that would help us intercut the scenes we had and tell a new story albeit with similarly themes as our call me video. 

What I love about Sadie's choreography, is that the music video starts off feeling surreal before it truly feels like a dance. 

Despite this being made for a different song, once we had the final edit, it was clear our footage was always meant for Birch Trees we just didn't know it when we started. 

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