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Alright- I'm trying to make friends in here bcz I suck irl and if I suck online I think my hopes for finding friends is too low- BAHAHHA

Ok, let's stop the laughter.

I'm from Spain and I speak: Spanish, Catalán and English, English it's not my first lenguage which means that pls forgive any incorrect spelling plz plz plz.

I like learning a lot of things about other people, it's just that I'm too shy to ask.

If we end up getting really along, my personality will probably change to a hyper one lol.

Soooo- what else do I put?

Oh, right. I like playing Minecraft and a lot of indie games like: Sally Face, Undertale/Deltarune, Kindergarten. But my favorite it's DANGANRONPA (don't worry I'm not a toxic fan from 2021)

I HATE physical touch, not because of any trauma i just hate it, kinda dumb tbh-

How I look: Red, curly, mullet, to the shoulders hair. I look pale af. Dark brown eyes. Resting b•tch face. Ugly teeth. Kinda tall. Sometimes I look like a rapper, sometimes like an emo kid, like a rockstar (lit) and sometimes like a sanrio grl (rlly strange aesthetic all together into one lol)

If you like my profile, the things I like or you just think we can get along I'll be happy to¡!

I have two really white haired pusseys... Kitty and JoJo (yes, Hello Kitty and JoJo's bizarre adventure)

Soooo- yep, I think that's kinda it (probably not).


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