channeling ways : vampretoria (kindred spirits of Beijing)

channeling ways : vampretoria. ☥

by OHIO KONAMI x Northda 


kindred spirits of Beijing.  

also called Beijinger kindred. 

they are from nanjing, but they relocate to Beijing. because of the conflict between clans, of Cain. 

they had to fights them. 

they are mostly corporation owners, you will never notice, they are demonic vampiric spirits. 

as they been growing in numbers. 

they hated Cain, and the far far away children. Beijinger kindreds, worship the dragon from the underworld, the Chinese government works with them. the Chinese government, has been covering up, this for a long time. 

Beijinger kindreds, send they members to vampretoria. as they protect the Beijing headquarters. 

most of them own bars and clubs. they can shape-shift, into anything and disappear, into nothingness.   

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