channeling ways : vampretoria (cain and the far far away, children)



The natives from vampretoria.     

also called the humans waysz.   

the humans that left Earth.   


cain and the far far away, children.   

don't you cry.   

drink my blood, as it cleanse your will.  

do not look back, that is nothing.  

always look forward.  

the only goal is darkness, pure darkness.  

I see the most high, try to restrict me.  

I also overcome the light and shine bright as the darkness, as I walk through my city, as my tears fall down for my children, do not worry my children we will overcome everything, and don't allow the government, to tell you what to do, if you need, zeros and ones. protect your heart, protect the inner child, protect your mind, protect your dreams, against the light.  

because darkness holds the light, the light is a new creation, my children. don't forget.  

as my children dance to the night.  

drinking exploring the doors of their mind.  

They overcome the lights, as my children are trapped in the city.  

my children look at me for knowledge, and for peace and the way back to the abyss, and the darkness, home. 

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