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Making funeral doom music

Funeral doom is a fusion genre of doom metal and dirge music, featuring extremely slow tempos, atmospheric textures, choirs, and lyrics focused on grief or existential dread.

I'm stuck on Tuxguitar for now, so if any of you happen to know of some decent soundfonts so that the MIDI sounds less... well, MIDI, then let me know.

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hope you'll eventually give us a link to your (finished) work :)

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If I get around to finishing it... tbh the song is pretty much done, at least on the writing part, I just haven't produced it so it's just a MIDI at this stage. Idk when I'll have the motivation to do more with it.

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Is it still funeral doom if it's just under seven minutes long? I didn't want it to drag out too much. Either way, it's doom.

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