[Note] Introduction to Metaphysics

Preface: This is apart of a series of notes I plan on taking on Epistemology, Metaphysics, Logic and Ethics. Ill append the source material in the comment section, along with some recommended reading and/or sources for further study.

Originally metaphysics started with the existence or being, things like first causes, or things that dont change. This has grown over time and now is one of the largest areas in philosophy.

Metaphysics deals with:
- Ontology (Existence as a whole)
- Modality (Necessity and Possibility)
- Identity (Persistence)
- Mereology
- Time
- Universe
- Cause & Effect
- Free Will and Determinism
- Existence vs Subsistence
- Materialism vs Idealism

It **Doesnt** deal with:
- Ethics
- Knowledge
- Justification
- Logic
- Belief
- Beauty and Aesthetics
- Theories of Meaning
- Theories of Mind
- Methods of Science
- Theories of Math
- Rationality

When confronted with a computer, a metaphysician might ask "What kind of thing is the computer? Does it have freewill? how does it relate to its part, if at all?"

**Metaphysics mostly deals with things tha exist and how they exist.**

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