Troubles with dating

I don't know about anyone else, but dating has been a struggle for me, especially as a neurodivergent person. I've been sticking to dating apps since I'm super socially awkward, gone on a few dates and usually they go fine and I have fun, but after the date when I go home its like I can't remember how I feel about that person. Like my brain does a quick factory reset and I can barely remember their face. It makes it difficult to process whether or not I had a good time or if I even liked the person. I'm content being single so I'm not like actively or desperately trying to get in a relationship, but dating someone would be nice. There's also just not many people in my area who interest me. Anyways sorry for the ramble just wanted to get that off my chest and see if anyone else deals with something similar. :•}

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You aren't alone! As someone else also neurodivergent, it's so hard. So so hard. Everytime I tried in the past to date or consider a romantic relationship, it was just terribly awkward or just never felt right. The only way I could seriously date someone I feel like is by knowing them years before and them also being neurodivergent themselves. Which suckksss. But hey, you gotta do what you gotta do and you will eventually find that special somebody!!! Just keep hope up and try not to be hard on yourself about it :')

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