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about me/intro </3

hihi! i'm markus, but u can call me vern, faraj, or johnny 

i'm an omnisexual transmale, i use he/him/they/xe/xem pronouns.

i'm afro-carribean + asian 

i love music. particularly kpop and rock/metal/j-metal. i listen to basically every genre, except country music (no hate)

i love nct dream/127, bts, seventeen, ateez, and other groups <3

i'm obsessed with fashion. check out my pinterest @jutdwaee_

i'm always arguing on twitter, don't mind me

i have rlly bad adhd and autism + kinda sensitive so plz be nice to me. i won't cry, i'll just cuss u out! i also have antisocial personality disorder and bpd, so keep that in mind as well.

i cuss a lot, so plz keep that in mind

i'm hypersexual due to trauma + other personal reasons. it is NOT a choice NOR is it fun.

i am completely comfortable with pet names being used on me !! :-3

i'm not good at starting convos/interacting with peepz, so i will appreciate it if u do try to talk/interact with me <3 !!

i'm usually pretty active, unless if i'm grounded LAWLZ.. i fall asleep rlly eazily so plz don't always expect me to be up during night times EST.

u can find more info on my carrd and my rentry (WIP)

yuta mark lee kiz

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