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“I'm a good boy on the track, no cussing (don't you cuss)
Please do not give me any more flak, I am struggling
I'm about to start crying in my bed
Evil Words spin around my head (ha)
I'm going Trash Star crazy (ha)
I'm Bladee, she call me Blade-e (ha)
Angel or demon maybe (ha)
I'm trying do what I can (ha)
Can you please comprehend me?
Why can't you understand?
I'll shine some glory on your life (I don't know)
I am not anyone, I'm just some air inside the air
A piece of sand in all the sand, drop of water in the ocean
It may not seem that way, but I can promise you it's that
But enough of that, I'm coming back (ha)
I jump right back into the trash” True words made by Bladee!?!

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ok? lame asf honestly get a life

by d1rTEx; ; Report