confidence is nonexistent with me

suddenly my confidence is just decreasing by huge amounts and im doing everything i can to get it back up but what if it doesnt work or what if i give up

like i hate to admit it but how i look is literally my biggest insecurity and i try to hide it all the time

im always comparing myself to other ppl and ik i shoudn't do that but i can't help it. I can never be satisfied with myself i hate every part of me and it's getting annoying

im insecure about everything

main thing being my chest size

idk if many other girls get insecure about this but i do

i feel like its just such a burden for me, why couldn't I be a b cup or a c cup i had to end up being a fucking h cup what the actual fuck

imagine being only 14 yet you have humongous bobunguses </3

crying and screaming right now

why is that actually funny but no im so serious I just want smaller boobas 

OK next im kinda insecure about my waist like according to my mother i have a small waist but maybe im just delusional bc i dont think its small enough

yk what im just insecure about everything idc, i dont even wanna explain it all

I just wanna look pretty like the nice kpop idols i see or the cute pinterest girls I see

im genuinely upset about this

b4 you say "oh well you're only 14 and you shouldn't be worrying about your looks at this age and you haven't even fully developed yet" stfu idc if you're not gonna help me out then let me be insecure in peace bc there's plenty of people MY AGE that look how I wanna look so it's not like im just comparing myself to older people

its like everytime I look in the mirror I just think theres actually no way ppl look at me and say "wow she's super pretty", ik for a fact nobody actually thinks that and if they say that then they're just trying to be nice.

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