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vampires maybe won’t hurt you

The world is really weird, huh? I mean it’s so vast but so crushingly small at the same time in a lot of different ways. I’m seeing MCR on Sunday and losing my mind. I didn’t think I’d get to go, I’d missed out on all the tickets in the original sale back in what…. 2020? So I’ve just been staring at the back of people’s heads and trying to blow them up in my mind when I mention MCR but I checked ticketek just on some strange whim a few weeks ago and there were tickets! BOOYAH! I waited about a week just in case it was some weird glitch and also I hadn’t been paid yet. Snagged a ticket! Way up the back but I don’t care, I know they’ll come back soon I can feel it in my bones, and if it takes a while maybe I’ll just piss off to America and see my sweetheart before I feed on them and run off to see MCR… a lot of people that inspire many different emotions are gonna be there and surrounding. Living in this city is so weird because literally everyone you’ve ever met is also here at exactly the same time you are. This creepy guy I know is gonna be there so if you hear about a fistfight breaking out at the first syd concert that would be me! :)… tempting… I don’t like violence at all but I’d make an exception if he came near me (joking)…. 

 I bleached my hair blond in about august and re-did my roots a week ago but I keep thinking about dying my hair brown-black and I don’t know what to do. I think I’ve just looked at Gerard too much. I’ve been a fan since I was about 11/12 and I’ve never been this crazy about them in my life. Like 2 months ago I started reading uhv (iykyk) and since then I ramped up severely in my love for MCR….. hm. I’ve been thinking about trying to start a band with my best friends for a long time and the thought’s come back recently but my writing turnaround time is very slow, time to create a massive backlog of randoms I can turn into lyrics. My life has been hectically boring lately. Lots happening but nothing truly interesting besides me getting back into writing, just weirdos and buying shiny pants and pencil skirts. I want to get back to my old self, creative, bubbly, could talk to people without having anxiety chest pains…. speaking of my chest it’s been like fake blood stained for days now. use protection… I have so much merch I need to buy, I really want that swarm jacket but oh man do you really think I have that much money…. Anyway… hair ideas anyone? 

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