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Go to therapy, or don’t it’s up to you

I started consistently going to talk therapy about 2or 3 months ago now, I don’t even know, once it becomes a weekly habit you stop even thinking about it like that, 

before I started weekly sessions I’d only been twice in my life at pivotal moments when it felt like an emergency, so the hardest part was just committing to go more than once in a row, but now me an my therapist Holly are chill, 

she has an impressive memory of the things I tell her which is important to me, one of my fears was that the therapist I got wouldn’t really care about what I wanted to tell them an was just doing a job, but Holly does a convincing job of showing genuine care for how I’m doing and progressing in aspects of my life, 

so if anyone reads this an is considering going to therapy I would suggest trying to find an affordable option like I did that does an income based price, I pay $50 a session an that feels worth it for what I’m getting out of it,

 if ur in therapy an are having a bad time or have tried it an had a bad experience, it feels silly to say but u really should try a new therapist I feel like there was such a difference from the lady I got at the university hospital I went to last time to my current experience. Anyways good luck out there,

don’t kill urself because then you’ll miss out on all the goofy ass shit that happens tomorrow

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I feel this so hard ive been wanting to go to therapy for the past year or so before that i was pretty much terrified abt being that vulnerable w a stranger but ive come to realize that its somethig i need and would benefit from. My bestfriend goes twice a week and im always lowkey jealous cux i just wish i had someone i could unload onto and talk about all the shit i deal with

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For sure! Yeah the hardest part was definitely starting, I literally had to have my mom do all the research an find the best person for me an stuff because I just couldn’t even deal with that, I’m also trying to figure out if any of my self diagnoses are valid but most of the time I go I just end up venting and talking through my thought processes out loud or whatever, so that’s what I like about it too is that it can just be whatever you want it to be, sometimes it can be productive like trying to get to the bottom of some deeper issue an other times just talking to someone who won’t judge you at all

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RAAA XD Yes! I want that so bad i just need someone to talk to. Hopefully in the next year or two.

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