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๐Ÿ’ฟnew mob grinder for my mc base๐Ÿ’ฟ

thought i would do a little minecraft posting because im so happy with my latest addition to our base

dont mind all our mods and resource packs lmao. the pink on our weapons is netherite btw. put some respect on our name we have full mending netherite down to the hoe with a shit load of enchantments from our villager hoard. use the chunk borders netherite method it is flawless fr /srs /ref

also yes we are so rich in this world that we put mending on a netherite hoe. it has other enchants too you dont know me.

okay lemme get a little cinematic and ill give you the tour (i like just finished it so expect there to be more decor later)

wow a bubble elevator that took me wayyy too much glass (read: 3 stacks)


okay hes got a little bit of style and class take it a step back

its slightly off honestly but brain hurty so im not fixing it

hey look at that its the less boring side of the main section thats got my fishing hole. both sides have that little glass lookout point. but wait. what the fuck is behind me

oh shit floating bed

damn... now thats true class. oh shit glass platform off the back?

you can see the whole base from here. so peaceful..

main island

and storage house

and just a plethora of farms. animal and villager farms. vanilla and modded crops/orchard. bamboo? mushroom? auto sugarcane? iron? we got it all baybe

okay back to the grinder. im likin this view too-


thats why we have the phantom hole. so convenient for getting membranes

okay wow anyway. heres the main event. this super fast 3 tier grinder.

this was after like a minute of waiting maybe. all of those modded creeper toes dont know whats comin.

and collect the profits

i wont bother you with screencapping all of the many barrels of loot i had to sort because the drops from this are insane (i have looting 3 so idk how they are otherwise) this is the first day of running it and i already have a full chest of gunpowder. and bones flesh and arrows too. very glad i made the elevator because moving shit to storage would be hell.

also this grinder is right above and between our zombie and spider spawners. we got hella lucky with this seed and they are perfectly aligned so we have a partially underwater tunnel to go between them.

this world has about 8 days of playtime (btw we use waystones i am not physically walking 10000 blocks to get to something cool i found no thanks. at least waystones feels better than tping because it costs a level and the cost of the actual thing.) weve died like 5 times to some stupid ass shit (idling in a fucking field. dumbass) but otherwise we play like were on hardcore and are so careful and get our armor and weapons beefy as fuck.

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SICK!!! your base looks really cool and practical, too :O

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thank you! yeah its super practical plus i get so many resources. and that little square in the top right of the main island is my hoard of villagers its huge i have many tediously cycled through librarians i think i have nearly every enchanted book on them. and the hut is for zombifying villagers. we have our shit MAXED

by dave; ; Report

๐”ป ๐•† ๐•„

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yoooo ur world looking fresh and funky fr
those resource packs are so cute, i love the crosshair and the beds especially :D
& this mob grinder is like a staple in all of my previous singleplayer worlds, it really is a must-have farm
shaking hands emoji us playing hard mode like its hardcore

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thanks so much dude. i have retextured nearly every mob + variants its very fun (the beds are all dif too). and seriously this is the farm the only reason id even use my other ones is for string.
and *shaking your hand for an excessive amount of time* we just gotta dying is annoying.
we are gonna whip ass when the new update comes out and i make a server.

by dave; ; Report

omggg yass another server to play on would be epic :D i need one to play on when im burnt out on what im doing on my main server
also i admire ur patience for re-texturing and such it seems like a tedious task
i mainly just use some QOL texture packs (like vanillatweaks)

by ๐”ป ๐•† ๐•„; ; Report

yeah ofc! itll be a v casual server for fun too so like its a no pressure kinda deal. and we have so much patience for it we just grab the ones we like and folder chain them together so its not like were making them all or something (we did make a couple though)

by dave; ; Report

thats so cool omg i admire ur patience ๐Ÿซก i wanna learn how to do texture stuff so badly ngl, i want to make my own custom plant retexture pack frfr

by ๐”ป ๐•† ๐•„; ; Report

theres a few sites that have editors for specific textures and i dont know what its called but i know there is a mod that people made to edit textures as well that im sure has more options if i find it i will send it to you but fair warning im busy rn

by dave; ; Report

no worries! i'm in no rush at all i be vibin

by ๐”ป ๐•† ๐•„; ; Report