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I shouldn't be doing this.

But here I am ig.

So. Last weekend. I got a hit from my friends... totally not drugs stick.

And it was really something. I felt dizzy and had no spacial awareness, yada yada yada yall prolly know.

But yesterday, one of my friends, actually got me one of the totally not drug sticks.

So, I get home, watch some Black Swan (I like that movie) eat dinner, and I'm in my room. Window open, fan on, Febreeze next to me, and the totally not drug stick under my mattress.

It took me a while to figure out how it actually worked... cause I'm dumb...

Not like I didn't know like how to inhale it just that like I didn't know if it was fully charged or where the light indicator even was. 

So after I knew fs that it was charged, I take a really small inhale. Then take a big one that made me cough like crazy.

My friend told me to cough into a pillow or blanket or sum so that's what I did. (I can never look at that blanket the same now)

And obviously nothing happened and I knew that it took time. So I called my friend, Telemona.

(For some context I might have taken more than 1 so...)

I was relatively fine at first. We started the call at like 7:00 and I think by 7:30 or 20 I was noticibely different. And the thing is I didn't tell her so she was confused asf and didn't believe me. But I obviously prooved to her that I was stoned...

I like literally couldn't stop smiling. Like I tried so hard but I kept smiling, as well as occasionally uncontrollably laughing. But for the most part, everything I said made sense in my head but I have no idea what it sounded like to her. Like my mind was just racing like I did something then that reminded me of something and it all connected and I ended up just blurting out random stuff. An example of this, earlier that day I was watching a Huggbees video on how basketballs are made and I was wondering how they kind of indented the brand's logo into the ball. Like Wilson balls and how they kind of dip in. So going back to that call, I grabbed this styrofoam gas station cup from a few days ago and started trying to color it in with a pencil. After a while I started pressing down harder then ended up kind of compacting the styrofoam around the letters and Telemona was like "Oh, that cup must be interesting..." and I said like "Oh. I'm making it look like a basketball" Or something like that ion know but it must've sounded insane.

But I gotta go so until next time follks and remember, waffles are better than pancakes.

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wow, I hope you're doing ok

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