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prince is sooo weird. he actually sucks tho. i dont like prince. he keeps telling me that his arm hurts. he is a bowlegged, asthmatic, schizophrenic, gay, limp bizkit enjoyer, has 10 bfs (NOT EXAGGERATING) 4 gfs, confused about sexuality, emo, loud, walks gay, talks gay, has gay hair, has silver eyes, wears baggy jeans all the time, has a bald lady shirt, wishes death on teacher who has cancer and is 53 years old, hates sister who is 9 years old and is mean to her, white, mark lee enjoyer, choi soobin stan, unironically likes stray kids, watches 90s shows, is delusional, once saw his chair morph into his grandma, has weird shoes that he customized, depressed, his real name is not even prince, hyperventilates when laughing, has rbf, has a crush on a guy named rowley, homophobic, rude, and doesn't know spanish. he also likes amongus r34 and has actually got off on it nd he cried.

but he is still my best friend unfortunately :3

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Actual Acorn

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I only wanted to see you laughing in the purple rain

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