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Small Intro / Boundaries !!

Coffinz - Feel free to ask for my name but please do it in private messagez! As stated on my profile, I am a minor. You're allowed to ask for my age but again, do it in pms. 

If you're above 17 I doubt I'll accept your request but there is always a chance, so don't feel like you can't js because of an age gap. I prob won't talk to you often (or at all) tho!!

Flirting is okay if it'z minimal and or joking, While I may not be with anyone I would just prefer to get to know you first before you start to act all close with me and whatnot. 

Same thing goes for (jokingly) making fun of me, I'd prefer if we got close before you start any of that bs. Even then, please don't go overboard with it.

Messages - Please feel free to talk to me at any point in time, I'm on the hunt for more friendz rn so don't be shy! I'll answer as soon as I notice (Which may not be soon but plz still chat w me!)

Friend Requests - Again, If there's a large age gap I most likely won't accept, or if you seem like a total creep. Aside from that, I'll accept the majority of them :]

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