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Life is Strange \(o.o)/

I've never written a blog entry on here before but so i had no idea what to write about but i just figured i would talk about life is strange since its my newest obsession LOL!! I watched the entire gameplay three times and played it twice so I've formed some strong opinions on the characters, plot ect. At some point I will play LiS 2, and before the storm, currently also watching the gameplay of true colours (cus its 65 quid on xbox smhhhh) 


Favourite characters and why:

-Frank ---> in my opinion, he's such a misunderstood character. all he wanted was to protect himself and everything that he loved and cared about. He understood the true cruelty of this world and knew that innocence leads to corruption unless you are aware of people and their intentions towards you before letting your guard down. He lost rachel who was the love of his life, he lost her to people who took advantage of her remaining innocence, he understood the impact. While playing the game i realised a pattern which Frank often showed, a pattern of isolation. He willingly chose to be alone and I think it was due to his paranoia of being taken advantage of, i think he was just scared of being vulnerable towards other people. 

-Chloe ---> This is not an unpopular opinion, although some people I know have mixed feelings about Chloe. I like her because i can personally relate to her character. Her life drastically changed when she was young, she lost her father figure, which then caused her to rebel and self sabotage her life in order to fill the hole which was left empty after the death of her dad. One of my friends told me that they don't like her because of the way she treats Max, and although i agree that Chloe can be a total bitch to Max for no reason sometimes, I also believe that she does not mean to hurt Max intentionally. I could be wrong, but i believe that the reason why Chloe would constantly blame Max for how alone she was when Max moved was an attempt to push Max away. Nearly every single time the subject was brought up (especially when they were in the car arguing on the way to drop Max off at Blackwell) the conversation turned into an argument. Chloe has dealt with a lot of emotional trauma, and in episode 5 -before the final choice- she was telling Max about how worthless she feels. This mindset obviously didn't develop overnight which leads me to believe that Chloe has way too many unhealed wounds which are reflected through her self image and the way she acts towards other people. 

-David ---> The character of David is really interesting to me because from the start of the investigation about David we were convinced to believe that David was in some way shape or form responsible, or at least suspicious, only to find out in Episode 5 that his goal was to protect everyone at Blackwell. David is another example of a troubled character who isn't a bad person but just doesn't know how to express his emotions. He didn't know how to show Joyce and Chloe that he cares, most likely because of the extreme trauma which he experienced while at war. Him being a veteran is absolutely NOT an excuse for his abusive behaviour (he slaps Chloe if you chose to stay hidden in Chloe's closet in Episode 2), but i do comprehend that most of his actions were done with good intentions, just the wrong outcome. 

Kate Marsh ---> Self explanatory tbh!


-My absolute favourite Life is Strange theory is the theory that Rachel is the storm and she only feels at peace if Chloe dies and joins her in the afterlife. Whether you believe that Chloe and Rachel had a platonic relationship or a romantic one, you cannot deny that they most definitely are some kind of soulmates. Chloe (as we know) has also been drugged by Nathan Prescott and possibly (not sure) photographed as she described that "the creep crawled towards [her] with a camera". Rachel and Chloe experienced the same exact thing, yet Rachel had her life taken, unlike Chloe. This also ties into another theory which is that Rachel had a power and passed it onto Max so that her and Chloe could discover the truth and stop those two sick freaks of nature. Although i haven't played before the storm yet, I know there's a scene where Rachel screaming causes the fire to expand and her losing consciousness puts it out immediately. The storm is at it's peak of death and destruction after Max found out the truth and was able to stop Nathan (or rather, Jefferson stopped Nathan) and Jefferson (either by arresting him or killing him, depending on whether you decide to tell David about Chloe's death or not). The storm being at it's peak is also when you have to make your decision, either killing Chloe or destroying the town which corrupted and destroyed Rachel and many other innocent souls (such as Kate Marsh). 

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