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Withnail Identity HCs

This post discusses sex and kink. 18+ interaction only please.

Withnail is aroace and agender. I will break this down to discuss further.
Almost all of this is something that my partner either told me he headcanons for Withnail, or I discussed it with him as resident Withnail Expert <3

Withnail is a sex-indifferent asexual. He doesn't really feel the need to have sex, and find it very funny instead of arousing.

He might have sex as a joke, or for kink purposes, but even then it's likely quite impersonal and he's more likely to use a toy or an object than his own body.

For some people, kink is like sex. Withnail is the opposite. To him, sex could fulfill a kink he has, but likely not much else.

In the personal selfship specifically, he will occasionally allow a blowjob because he knows I enjoy giving them, and he doesn't actively dislike them.

Withnail is aromantic. He is not the type of aromantic who doubles down on platonic love as a replacement for romantic love. He does not view himself as capable of love at all, and would likely describe himself as loveless.

His relationship with me is not one he actively searched for, just one he ended up in somehow. Our relationship is kinky and queerplatonic, not romantic.

Withnail doesn't experience aesthetic attraction much either, but might enjoy intentional choices someone has made about their appearance such as clothing (he's a fan of fellow fancy-coat-appreciators).

His lack of aesthetic attraction to bodies is in relation to his lack of connection with his own.

He's always been somewhat disconnected from his body, but after developing arthritis, the disconnect grew.

Having a chronic illness made him overly aware of his body, and he feels spiteful towards it as both the source of physical pain and the reason he's struggling to pursue acting. This plays a part in why he doesn't seem to care that he's hurting himself.

This disconnect with his body is why he could use the term agender. He doesn't feel much regarding his body or his gender, and moreso accepts he/him for convenience, not because he actually identifies strongly with any particular label such as male.

He very vaguely identifies with masculinity, but only because of the gender of the characters he wants to play as an actor. The Hamlet kinnie version of gender, if you will.

Withnail is actually his surname. His canon first name is debatable, with the person Withnail was named after having the first name Jonathan while Withnail's actor refers to him as Vyvian (after the real Vivian he was based off).

I choose to believe Jonathan is his dead name, and he renamed himself to Vyvian. He's shown to have the urge to change name randomly in the film, so I think this fits.

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Hi I am Withnail expert Vyvian and I approve all these headcanons <3

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