advice with art gcse????

so ive only recently started my art gcse (im in yr 10) and my teacher has given me an art theme that i have completely no interest in and told me to "get some ideas". i got art block and didnt get anything done and when i explained it to her she told me i need to start on a portfolio this week otherwise i wont be able to submit anything. i get that were supposed to be given a bit of freedom in art but its stressing me out that i havent been given any instructions on what im supposed to be doing.

ive looked online and ive seen that you have to do a fuck ton of writing in your sketchbooks and need to study other artists but i havent been told how im supposed to do it and its really confusing me. if i dont learn how to do this soon im gonna have quit it which sucks cuz its a subject i rlly like :/

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