to say I hate having siblings would be an understatement.

nobody can make my life more hellish than them they literally come in 1st place with that

my parents come in #2

but i literally hate it, I always get blamed for every wrong thing that THEY do

im 14 yet they expect me to watch 3 kids 24/7 like please let me live

i hope they never have kids again, i have had it with these people

i literally have to take care of a 1 yr old, a 7 yr old, and a 10 yr old all fucking day and when I try to focus on my schoolwork I get in trouble bc im supposed to be focusing on taking care of children

like no im literally a child myself

take care of your own damn kids fr

i know they're my siblings but no i dont care at all

my life does not revolve around them

and my parents get mad at me for not wanting to make them dinner or clean up after them when its not my job to do that, i am not their mother

plus they made me clean after myself and make my own food when i was their age so why don't they make them do that?????

everytime i mention it they say "oh well they're too young and they don't know how and they'll mess up"


they literally baby them but they can't do the same for me

see thats what my siblings are fucking idiots bc my parents cant do their job

and you may be thinking "well if your parents have work then i'd understand why they make you do stuff"

my dad works

my mother is literally unemployed tho so theres no excuse for her

but even when my dad isnt at work he's still being a lazy assholeΒ 

the 4 years I had being an only child was greatΒ 

but when i got siblings everything just became terrible

suddenly everything is my fault now

bc of my damn siblings

i genuinely do not like these people

and they don't like me either so its not even like im being awful bc they show the same energy towards me

they urge i have to tell all of them to stfu and slap them across the face every time they speak to me.

anyways sorry for my rant

i wrote this bc im upset that my parents got mad at me for something my brother did

yk how parents say not to open the door for anyone unless they say soΒ 

well my brother opened the door for someone without permission and i couldnt stop that from happening bc I WAS ASLEEP and so my parents got mad at me for letting him do that and they also got mad at me bc i wasnt watching my sister when my mother texted me to get her but i literally didnt know bc once again I WAS SLEEPING.Β 

so then they yelled at me saying "you shouldve already been awake by then bc you should've been doing school work"

well jeez sorry I cant do everything at onceΒ 

i slept in bc they made me stay up late to clean our kitchen bc everyone else refuses to do it bc apparently its my job to do it.

they get mad at me but how am i supposed to watch a baby, a 10 yr old AND DO SCHOOL STUFF AT THE SAME TIME???

i hate it here

and he is literally old enough to know that you shouldn't randomly open the door for people

this is what i mean when i say they're so fucking stupid


ohhh but he gets an excuse bc he was sleeeping and he has to get his sleep for workkkkk

im so done with all of it

im ready to move out already

i cant have fun and i cant travel all because of my stupid siblings

its my job to watch them alllll the time so i cant ever go anywhere

im literally a 14 yr old but my life is being wasted away bc i have to do the stuff my parents are supposed to be doing.

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