adopt set completion! waw!

ive been wanting to make a bunch of little emoji adopt sets for a while now... and i finally got one of them complete today! check these guys out!

first ones censored cause they've got a little cartoony gore going on... nothing too bad! but with no way of warning for it, i asked them nicely to cover up to stay on the safe side, yeah?

and... if you like any of them, you could tooootally send me a message here or maybe on toyhouse, yknow, no pressure.

today was a decent day for art, but with my tendon still being kinda roughed up (how long does it take to heal?!!?!) i think today's a good day for more lounging around? it is spring break after all! perfect time for some lounging?

i've also been playing a lot of limbus company over the past 24 hours... the gameplays just that fun! 

maybe tomorrow i'll get more art done? potentially? we'll see!

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YESSS They look so awesome Remy!!!

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TYSM!!!! im real happy with them @w@

by remy; ; Report

AS YOU SHOULD BE!!! I hope it was lots of fun! :-D

by Galehaut; ; Report