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My shitty health

So, I have lymes disease, had it for years but all doctors turned me away and said i was healthy or that I'm mentally ill, or lazy, or whatever else so they wouldn't have to treat me bc no doctor in this country believes chronic lyme is a thing. Anyway, I recently got an allergic reaction and you know what was the first thing they told 17 y.o. me when I called for the ambulance? it was that me having an allergic reaction out of nowhere was not an emergency and that id have to pay. like what (surprise surprise I didn't have to pay and almost passed out bc the medics couldn't find a vein to give me my meds) and like ik its not the ppl who pick up who decide that and they aren't the ones who make the decision and they are just the middle man bit i think its just horrible to tell a person who is having a medical emergency that they are gonna have to pay as the first thing, its like seeing someone dying and going "cash or credit" before giving them medical attention like wtf.

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