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Before you interact:

1. Do not try to date me. I do not do any sort of online dating at all.

2. I will most likely not message you first. If you want to talk, IM me.

3. Do not try to have sexual relations with me. Jokes are fine but I am taken and also not comfortable with anything of that sort.

4. I am a minor. Think before you speak.

5. Before you vent, ask. 

6. Asking how you're doing, posting my own vents, is not an invitation for you to vent. Ask.

7. Do not tell me what to do or say. It's my life. I do not care for your input.

8. I say slurs i can reclaim. If you don't like that, leave.

9. I will either be very active or not really active at all. I will either be on here all day every day for a few weeks or not on but once every few weeks to check in.

10. If you want to stay in contact with me when I am in a period of not being on spacehey, ask for my socials.

11. If you are rude, you will be blocked. I don't care.


  • Pedophiles/"MAPs" (same thing)
  • Zoophiles
  • 13 or under
  • People who start drama/are rude for no reason
  • Racists
  • People who use slurs they cannot reclaim
  • Sexists
  • Homophobes
  • Transphobes
  • People who refuse to respect preferred names/pronouns (transphobes)
  • SH/ED glorifiers
  • People who post vents or nsfw constantly
  • Bigots

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