The terrifying secret

The terrifying secret is that it's a good idea to have an eye-catching title.  

Hi, I'm Marc Doty.  A lot of years ago, MySpace came to be, and it was the first social media I participated in.  It was a creative place where people vied for the attention of others by demonstrating their creativity... in a broad span of ways.  But the goal was creativity, being cool, attracting followers through your work, your play, your interests, your creative output.  

And then Facebook came.  Facebook told you that your friends should only be people you know.  Facebook told you that whatever mundane thing you were doing was interesting enough.  Facebook told you that your high school friends were going to like knowing what you had for lunch.  It was a horrifying paradigm shift... and since the average of people really AREN'T creative, but want validation for living their life in the way everyone else is, it became popular.  

MySpace died, and I had to shift to YouTube to show my creative work.  I suppose I should be happy about that, as it made me a small manner of Internet-famous, and led to a lot of jobs, opportunities, celebrities, music, synthesizers, and more.  

So, MySpace made me believe in the Internet.  Facebook horrified me.  The loss of MySpace led to my career.  

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