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just wanted to make a public blog post saying that if i declined your friend request, it's likely because you have south park in your interests on your profile. there are a lot of folks who i think are really cool who i declined requests from because of it. :(

i know it's something that's popular especially on tiktok right now, but please understand that the series has an extremely bad history with antisemitism, racism, trans + homophobia, etc. it pushes the idea that pushing for progressive change in any way, shape, or form is something bad, and that everyone should just stick to the status quo. its rhetoric is actively harmful to people like me, especially since i'm a queer jew. and that's why i've been declining friend requests - i feel unsafe around people who willingly interact with the series.

i don't think the minors on here who have south park in their interests are bad people, and i'm not posting this to shame them. i'm sort of just posting this as an fyi, since i know it also took me some years to learn about why the series pushes people into the wrong direction.

here's a really good old post about it:

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