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Sorry I snorted Ritalin before this.

Hello everyone.

I'm Static I'm an alter from Mare's headspace. I use She/Her pronouns I'm an age slider, I am pansexual and polyamorist. I am currently married to an amazing programmer etc. Yukio! <3

I am a protecter, caretaker and gatekeeper. So, I have a lot of jobs up here Hehe. 

I am one of the first Alters up here, and always here if anyone needs a little help:). 

We have OSDD so there is little to no amnesia.

We have around 20 personality's or so. 

Thought this might be good to post for people to be more informed on us, and maybe even others with OSDD. 

Feel free to ask any questions, I'll be happy to answer<3. 

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