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3DS Theme

If I make more themes I'll update this in the future to add them but for now I've only got the one ^_^

Based on the vocaloid song series that I fixated on in the formative parts of my life lol. I couldn't figure out how to add a custom BGM (conversion wasnt working) so there isnt one.

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OMG SO KEWL. I want to buy a hacked 3DS and I want to make an XPPP theme for it. How do you make themes??? (≧∇≦)ノ

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Sorry for the late reply! I used Usagi Theme editor! From there I just kinda figured out getting everything on there resizing files on my computer to put in the editor and such. After that I uploaded it to themeplaza and once it was approved I used Anemone to scan the QR code the site generates for my theme onto my 3ds! There's other ways of getting custom themes and if youre buying a hacked one it may come with a different 3ds theme program but this is how I did it! Hope this helps and you have good luck and fun with making your own!

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