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Calypso [OC]


This is one of my beautiful OC's I adopted her from THIS PERSON on Furry Amino. I no longer use amino so I have sadly lost artist credits to most of the works I have for all of my OCs.



She is a wallaby.

She is HUGE at a whopping 6'6ft, and 370lbs.

Her birthday is September 30th.

Her personality is INFJ-A.
(Introverted Intuitive Feeling Judging Assertive)

She is agender and identifies with she/her pronouns, she is demisexual.

She is dating ya gurlĀ Phyllis.

Her likes include acrylic paint, watercolors, art galleries, cooking, decorating, planning, education, staying home, poetry, fantasy novels, tabletop games, being cozy, fuzzy socks, criticism, awkward people, and acts of kindness.

Her dislikes include waiting for the paint to dry between layers, oil paints, when people think she is scary looking, indirect communication, the summer, bigots, liars, seeing people not reach their true potential, and things sticking in her fur T-T.

She is an artist, specifically a painter, who is from the big city (that I have yet to name lol). She is empathetic and strong willed, and knows how to say no, even tho it's hard for her. She is the person who would stick up for a stranger if she saw nobody else doing it. While everyone else freaks out about something, Calypso is the person calmly looking for the solutions.

One night when she went out on a rare trip with friends to the club, a little cat lady started talking to her and she immediately thought "what a cutie". They swapped numbers at the end of the night and over time they fell in love.

After they lived together for a while Calypso would see her girlfriend, Phyllis, was really struggling with insecurity, mental health, and mostly addiction. After so long it was really destroying Calypso's mental health and she couldn't take watching Phyllis destroy her life anymore and set an ultimatum. It's me or it's the drugs. Phyllis was so offended by someone "budding in" on her, she freaked the fUCK out and ended up attacking her. Although Calypso is MUCH larger than Phyllis in height and weight, Phyllis still was able to knock her to the ground.

If you want to know more you'll just have to read my comic when I publish it because this is already too much info. xoxoxo







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Always love seeing you post your OC's <3

You have a good day xoxoxo

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thank you for showing interest, it genuinely makes my day :3 ! you have a wonderful day as well!!

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