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Pokémon Violet... And kittens

Not gonna ramble about how much I love the game, but I still can't get over that epic ending sequence. Anyways, I found a random shiny Cetoddle last night, and today I was shiny hunting Swablu for the third time... Still no luck. So I'm just gonna give up again.

So uh, earlier today I heard this little squeaking sound... And sure enough, there's four newborn kittens in our yard now. Again. Same stray cat gave birth in our yard as last year, and also just like last year, it's raining hard. 

It's REALLY stressing me out. Last year, my parents nearly divorced over those kittens. My mom was trying to take care of them, and my dad was trying to move them off the property, but the mother cat would keep bringing them back.

It was a big mess and I really don't want a repeat of that. 

I'll just focus on playing Pokémon. Hunting shinies, looking for stakes, finding the giant doors, getting another Gholdengo, looking for giant and teensy Pokémon.

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