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she demon dream

Not too long ago I had a dream that nearly gave me a heart attack. It involved some cousins of mine. I was at a convenience store as a police officer and a man was running rampage with his friends goofing off while I was on duty. He and his friends took a shopping cart got in them and purposely crashed into people. "Dude! what are you doing?! why are ya'll acting like such buffoons? your actually hurting people!" One particular person in their group turned back with a snarky look. he had short black curly hair and he was Mexican. Really cute but I couldn't let him know it. He whore a gold chain that complimented his skin tone and he had dimples. I grabbed his arm firmly as a dragged him out of the store and in handcuffs. the rest of his friends left him behind. "I'm not taking you to the police station. I'm taking you home so what's your address?". "Stop! you don't understand! Please let me go!" he yelled in a panicked voice. I was confused. He then proceeded to 0fi0ght against me and somehow ended up slamming his leg into the car door. It looked pretty broken to me but, this man was so full of adrenaline he couldn't even feel it. I started to get startled by the way he was acting. You could totally tell that there was something seriously wrong. I finally got him in the car when he starts shouting "Look what you did! It's too late! Its coming!".

I got a sudden chill on m spine and saw this couple come by as they walked passed, the lady turned back at me and her face looked demented and demonic. I screamed and froze. out of nowhere, my car door slams without a breeze in the air. Then on the other side where the man was sitting in handcuffs, his door slams too. Then opens wide snatching the man out of the car by his injured leg. I looked out the window and saw staring back at me a female demon telling me I was next and dropped something at the street light as she left. when the coast was clear, I got out to see what it was that she dropped and it was bloody skin ripped of a skull. i took another look and it was my cousin' flesh. I woke up in the pitch dark and grabbed my chest because I had a sharp pain. I had this dream when I was 9. So I ran to my aunt's room and sleep in her bed the whole night. turns out the demond has a name in real life but as I was trying to type it, my page started to glich and now I'm terrified. 

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