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CD Collection

My Chemical Romance

- The Black Parade

- Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge

- Danger Days

- You Brought Me Your Bullets I Brought You My Love

Limp Bizkit

- Three Dollar Bills Yall$

- Results May Vary


- Issues

- Requiem

- See You On The Other Side

- Self-Titled

- Take A Look In The Mirror

- Life Is Peachy

- Follow The Leader

- The Nothing

- Untitled

- The Serenity Of Suffering

- Live Unplugged

- Untouchables

- The Path of Totality

- The Paradigm Shift

- Korn III


- Make Yourself

- Morning View

Green Day

- American Idiot

- Dookie

- 21st Century Breakdown

Sum 41

- Does This Look Infected?


- Fallen

All Time Low

- Nothing Personal

- Future Hearts

Black Flag

- My War


- American Psycho 

The Smashing Pumpkins

- Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness

Pencey Prep

- Heartbreak in Stereo

A Perfect Circle

- Mer de Noms

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you have a really cool collection!! i have some of the same! its really good to see another cd collector on here!! :))

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ah yes thank you,, i like seeing what other ppl collect so i thought id add mine too lol

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