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New to Spacehey

Hey yall, I'm jordan or jorjor! I'm kinda new to this whole Spacehey thing, I had a myspace93 but I completely forgot the login for it and I heard it was shut down anyways so.... rip.

Anyways, I'll tell y'all a bit about myself.

I'm 18, and I'm from NYC! I use she/they pronouns and I make rock music. I haven't released anything cuz I'm kinda silly and I don't have a good microphone to record vocals. But I do play live shows from time to time (I'm playing a live show in Queens on the 8th of April which I'm real excited about.) 

I love Punk rock and Grunge music, here are a list of my top 3 fav bands at the moment

Alice in Chains



These are all great bands that I fuckin love to death and idk if that list will ever change ever.

Anyways I'm outtie



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