stolen survey from EVERYONE bc i caved and i saw literally everyone doing this so


Name: Issak/Valerian
Age: 18
Date of Birth: 11th dec
Hair Color: very dark brown
Eye Color: brown
Race: whiteyΒ 


Color(s): red, purple, green, pink
Food: cheese n pasta!!!!
Drink: i like milk a lot
Television Show: ermm depends, i really like the owl house but right now im watching [something i will not tell you]
Movie: i liked coraline a lot as a kid but rn i rlly like puss in boots 2
Song: ermm i like i dont wna cry (haste) by kurffew
Artist: i like this one artist on twitter :) not saying who bc hes 18+ but yeah
Place to be: my room
Stuffed animal: i like my big ass unicorn plushie, soft af :]
Pet: i use to have two pet rats but now i have just a dog :3 hes like 10 years old
Person: my bestie <3
Game: currently its cult of the lamb!
Clothing brand/style: i dont have a speciifc brand i like but i rlly like scenemo stuff <3

This or that?

Pepsi or Coke: idc either JANJGDFS
Vanilla or Chocolate: vanilla :3
Black or White: black! white makes me feel cute n soft tho clothing/aesthetic wise
Cats or Dogs: ciat!!!!!!! i love both equally but if i had to choose then ktiy
Sink or Swim: wtf swim lmAO
Lake or Ocean: lake :p ocean too big (i dont have a fear of the ocean i just prefer lakes AJHGF)
Night or Day: night :> i have a fear of the dark tho NNGFDJS
Half Full or Half Empty: idfk if i put water in then half full but if i drink then half empty, i hate this question bc its depends!!!!!!!!!
Desktops or Laptops: either, laptops r more convenient tho :)
Playstation or Xbox: xbbox
Summer or Winter: winter :p
Cold or Warm: cold!!!
Lover or Fighter: lover????????? i dont know
Car or Truck: neither idc
Cup or Glass: cup? idk i use bottles
Fork or Spoon: fork
Walking or Running: walk x_x

Do you or have you ever had

A piercing: i wish
A tattoo: i wish x2
A sibling: yeppers!! 3
Parents that are still together: my parents r still together
A romantic partner : sure, idc rn tho
A husband/wife: no thanks, i'll have a husband without the marriage
A child: no thanks x2
A really wild party while your parents were away?: naw
An alcoholic beverage: nope
A pet of your own: i'd like to have rats again :)
A house of your own: please
A car of your own: no thanks x3
An iPod: eh nah

Do you

Smoke: no
Drink: nope
Do drugs: ive done legal drugs #i have asthma GDFNJGSH
Shower Daily: nah
Brush your teeth daily: i am autistic
Keep your room clean: i try my best to
Do all your homework: i try my best :)
Plan on going to college: i am in college LOL

Do you believe in

God/Heaven: nah
Satan/Hell: nope
Ghosts: ehhh??? maybe??? overall not really
Aliens: sure
Witches: .......yes? wicca is a real thing people do witches are real? 🀨 im pretty sure they usually go by 'wiccan' but idc wiccan and witch r interchangeable from my knowledge
Magic: possibly, i think theres a chance
Big Foot/Sasquatch/Abominable Snowmen: nah
The past life: possibly sure
Global Warming: what the fuck yeah ofc AJNJGFDSN


What's your middle name?: wouldnt you like to know weather boy
Have any Nicknames?: yeppers, usually shorter vers of my names so
What is your favorite name?: my fave name? like a name of me? or someone elses? if its me then Valerian <3 otherwise idk, i like names starting with V
What do you wish your name was?: Issak Valerian Espresso Basil Shriggy ENA i chose my names LOL
What is your favorite season?: autumn!!!!!
Do you drink alot of water?: i try my best gGDFS
Do you have a pet?: didnt you ask this before
Do you have a computer at your house?: does my own laptop count
Do you live in an apartment, house, trailer or other?: house
Favorite place to chill?: my room
Favorite place to visit?: mmmmmm place in the country i live
Ever eaten something really disgusting?: ofc JAJGGFD
Do you work out?: i do walk
Have you ever gotten arrested?: nope
Have you ever cheated on someone?: wtf no
Has anyone ever cheated on you?: no but people have planned to leave me for someone else while dating me
have you ever gotten drunk?: ive gotten tipsy
Could you ever be a vegetarian?: no my autism hates me i cant eat veggies most time
Can you sing?: i dont think so, maybe a bit? idk
Can you dance?: no JJGFDS
Can you draw, paint, color well?: i like to think im good :(
Do you have a job?: naw
Can you solve a Rubik's Cube?: maybe, but prolly not

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"wouldn't you like to know weatherboy" excellent response to being asked ur middle name

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JDFGHFD YEA i tend to respond to questions like that on surveys if i dont wanna answer LOL

by 🍷 VALERIAN 🍷; ; Report


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yoyoyo!! is it alright if i have the template for this?? seems fun!! (also u r SO COOL OMG!! /pos)

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yea sure! idm :)

by 🍷 VALERIAN 🍷; ; Report

thank UUU!!

by deadbeatandnt3k; ; Report