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jade's blinkie collection part 1 !!

A pastel pixel art divider of party flags on garland string.

hii this is my blinkie collection / hoard !! :3 they are sourced from all over the internet, sources will be at the bottom or in the blinkie source masterpost linked above! they're sorted in rainbow order because that's the most pleasing to my eyes!

this will be a wip for a while, getting constantly updated! i'd like to have the biggest collection of aesthetically pleasing blinkies that i can! content warning for flashing gifs and eye strain!

Pink, Pink, Pink.. I love pink!Head over HeelsPower Puff GirlieI love the starsHello KittyNarcolepticBunny LoveLove UI'm in my jammiesHello KittyGaslight Gatekeep GirlbossStill the PrettiestFollow your HeartHello KittyGrrrrr....I love musicMasculinitySending you my loveLiving with Chronic IllnessNo GenderI love 80s ToysBe my ValentineI love my online friendsI love catsPretty When I cryPink AddictGOT LOVE?I love my bf!Be my SweetheartHopeless RomanticI can totally be trusted with firearmsYou are Love Itself!Anything is PossibleI love my friendsi love my ComputerBlinkie AddictedHorror FanHorror Fan18+ Only18+ OnlyRepresentation MattersFirefighterSpeak softly and wear a loud shirtPumpkin Pie, I love it!I love Care Bears!Medicine CatI smile because I have no idea what's going onIced Tea DrinkerSleepy...Clutter QueenI love my friendsHeat Kills No pets left in cars!Kindness <3Enjoy Life to Its FullestLet the Sun Shine!WickedPug HugzChaotic GoodI love frogs!!!WebkinzI love Lisa FrankGotta go fastmen's titsProud Shower SingerROFLMAOI need a vacationLiving with Chronic PainI Love BlinkiesMy insides are full of glitterAnime FanI am a minorI roleplayTherianBe happy with who you areKeroppi LoverI say meow!I am an adultWerewolfProud PaganTea + Coffee AddictPurple loverGoth girlStargazerBlack Lives MatterProud PaganJewishArtistScene FREAK!!!Autism!!!Don't call me queerGet silly!Rainbows Rock!Certified ClownRave!EeveelutionsShe/herShe/herHe/HimHe/HimThey/ThemThey/ThemAny PronounsAutism!I eat Glow SticksRainbow LoverAdults are just kids with moneyMagical


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my eyes are loving this (*≧∀≦*)

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🍥 royce !

🍥 royce !'s profile picture

OMG so pretty!!

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AND color coordinated!? fckn brilliant thank you

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Wendy ♡。⁠*゚⁠+

Wendy ♡。⁠*゚⁠+'s profile picture

This is so visually pleasant

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how do i put these on my profile

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right click on the blinkie, click copy image address, type and inside the quotation marks paste in the link, hope i phrased that right! :D

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are these okay to use?

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yes! most of them are not mine and they are a-okay to use!

by jade; ; Report

jupiter ★

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ahh tysm!!

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Name loading..

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tyyy <3

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so cool!!!!!

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Omg I want to live in this colorful post!!!

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woah! This is wonderful!

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sunnel [ray]

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this is sick omg :o

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omg this is amazing

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Violet (music warning:)

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commenting to come back

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how to use them?i don't really understand

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Just search blinkies tutorial
Basically click the blinkie you want and select open image in New tap and copy that taps url, whatever tutorial you find should have coding that involves a url, just paste your blinkie url there, hope this helps

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thank you so much!!!

by Mojito; ; Report


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i am SO sorry to ask, but how do you add blinkies to your profile?

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https://www.w3schools.com/html/html_images.asp follow this link and copy and paste it into the "about me" section of your profile!

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p1nk pr1ncess

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woahhh theres so manyy !! tysm :D !

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