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New hire

So the other day we got a new hire at my job and I can already tell I'm going to dislike him at the very least. I don't know what's up with him but apparently, he thinks I'm either stupid or two years old since whenever I do a simple action (eg picking up a cage to put it on a table or wiping bird poop off of something), he's at my side at an instant trying to force me to let him help. He also seems to think I don't know where half the things in the store are located even though I've been working there for over a year and he's been there all of three days. Oh, and how could I forget he stood there and laughed when I was trying to catch a zebra finch for a customer, and then the dumbass thought it would be cute to (intentionally) move the box away from me when I went to put the finch in it so it escaped and flew around the store? I'm so fucking happy he's only working during the week because it's spring break and after this he'll only work Sundays (my day off), otherwise I think I'd lose it lmao.

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