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Yeah, Sure, I'll Say Something

Because I have nothing else to do (other than my missing assignments that I have been putting off for God knows how long). (Like Christian Bale when asked what he likes about Patrick Bateman in that one interview) What's on my mind right now? Uh, I've got nothing. Nothing except You Don't Know Jack thoughts... I played some of Vol. 2 and I have got to say, people need to give Buzz some more credit. I mean, sure, he's not as well known as Cookie or Schmitty or even Nate, who, by the way, was only really there for one volume (if we're excluding The Ride), but I guess that comeback in Full Stream was nice, even if he was like some sort of cameo. I hope Buzz is doing alright, though; he seemed to really enjoy being a host, and nobody let him do any of that. It's alright though; I named my AirPods after him (although I should mention this is because I had a new pair that were broken that were originally named after Cookie Masterson). But, still. 

Anywho... these names don't really mean anything to most people. I think I'll just use this as some kind of end-of-the-day diary thing, because I doubt anybody is going to read or care (and at least it's going out there). Maybe I'll make friends or meet people who like the same stuff I do, y'know? Not many YDKJlets out in the world these days... although one would say I am but just a couple decades late to the party (two and a half, I'd say). 

I've ought to finish the work I started on before I wrote this. I could literally be learning a language right now. Do you know how effective in language learning one could be if you just repeat that after you find yourself doing literally anything? Watching a meaningless TikTok compilation that's actually on YouTube? You could literally be learning a language right now. I encourage it. I use DuoLingo, and I don't even pay because I found a pretty neat loophole. All you really need to do is set up a classroom and pretend you're a teacher, and boom, no more ads, no more limited hearts. Pretty neat, huh? 

Oh, speaking of, I'm almost done with the Introduction to Dutch course and can finally move to Dutch Foundations. Progress is coming, I can almost taste it. And it's only been, what, two, three weeks? Crazy, right? After this I want to learn French (this is the part where people boo me off the stage). Sorry!! But I've been watching a lot of videos from this guy named Language Simp on YouTube lately, and he's made it clear that he likes French a lot. Plus, it's a nice language. Y yo sé Español, y con eso puede hacer las cosas mas fácil, yo creo. I know my Spanish isn't perfect, but it's a language I grew up speaking with. Maybe I can do some other lessons on my own time on Spanish to brushen it up a little. Whoa, it's giving me those little red dots under "brushen." Is that not a word? Well, according to the University of Michigan, it is. If it ought to be, it ought to be. 

Whoa! It's officially past 12 AM as I write this. 12:03 AM, to be exact. That means You season 4 part 2 is coming out a little later. Last time I waited until 12, but they didn't release it on the dot (what a rip-off!). I should probably end this entry now. 

I must say, it feels good to be able to just say whatever is on your mind. That's it for me right now. Toodles!

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