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diabla diaries | 3.8.23

another day, another me no take meds

i want to have self-worth. i want to believe that i deserve respect and to feel beautiful, free, calm, intelligent, worth listening to or spending time with. but no matter how much i want that, and how easy it seems to get it, i can't stop feeling otherwise. it is an unshakable boulder that i cast upon myself. like sisyphus. nothing gave me these beliefs. i'm my own abuser.

i despise people who wallow in their self-hatred, who let their egotistical and pathetic excuses of inadequacy prevent them from having authentic, painful and dazzling lives. who won't allow themselves to be wrong, rejected, disappointed or surprised.  and yet, i am one of those people.


  • she isn't afraid to talk to people because she knows it's a privilege to speak with her
  • she gives herself and others a chance instead of deciding how things will end
  • she sticks to her values, intuition, tastes, priorities and desires and doesn't change for approval
  • she isn't ashamed of how loud she is
  • she is loved for all of these things

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i think u definitely need more confidence, different mindset just think that you’re above everyone, it’s probably not good but it’ll probably get u some self worth and plus I mean what I like to think is that if somebody says something bad about me about how I look or how I act I don’t wanna waste time overthinking about comments about myself. their way of viewing things might be different and they might not be satisfied by how I look, I can’t change that so why spend ur life worrying about things like those? they don’t matter, u should feel good about yourself because you’re actually valuing ur time so don’t waste it on people who care so much about the way u act or look, either way they’ll forget how u look in like a minute. act how u want, do what u want, look how u want and if people don’t like it then they’re literally just judgemental losers.. don’t get friend like those u don’t need them

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