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switch friend code+discord tag

i really want some friends to play with esp on splatoon 3 cuz thats all ive been playing recently lol (all i play is turf and sometimes salmon run) i also occasionally play fortnite and pokemon sword (all on my switch obv) so yeah. my friend code is SW-3537-9107-7018. pls preferably no minors and if you do add me just message or comment ur friend code so i know who it is !!! + my discord tag is crionics#1166 if anyone wants to chat more easily there again just let me know who you are ^_^ ok byeee 


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ME PLEASE I LOVE TO TURF!!!!! would it be cool if i add you on discord and send u my friend code there??

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YEAH thatd be awesome !!! :D just lemme know its you on discord !!!

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sure thing!! ill send a request now!!

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