uh, okay lmao

soooo, im just probably tell a little about me in this post and my hopes to the future me

Okay, first about my hopes/check list to my future self

1: dont get robbed (or get killed, both work)

2: Have amount of luck to go thogh the school 2024

3: dont get arrested by the FSB

4: uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, get a job you fvcker

5: uhmmm, dont doxx yourself once again, thats was really a dumb thing

6: hmmmmmm, finish the books you reading you idiot

7: finish the goddamnit edit about the movie lazy mf

okay about me now

i'm Krieg, im just a random russian guy here, trying to get new friends/meet new people so i hope i get to meet you :]

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