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Shit??? A twist ....

Okay, so my mood stabilizers ended yesterday, or the day before, and i didn't buy more, yet, I'm going to do it tomorrow(cute girls take their medication)(and non girls and everyone should!!!if it's making u better). And I was not feeling like skipping one more day, and I was sure I had some old ones around, somewhere in my little purse thingy where I store my pills, I open that bitch, and in the middle of old pills that I don't take anymore and some tampons i found the right pill, wrong dose, it was old, one of the ones I took when I started medication. Better than nothing, I really was felling kinda too raw so I really did need that pill.  

Right when I swallowed and there's no turning back there's a bitter taste in my mouth, and i slowly come to the realization that I felt that taste before, and is not my mood stabilizer, is this pill I was on for a while to give me energy. It's almost midnight. (It's midnight now, scary...)

I then lost the thing where the pill is stored, I don't know the name pill cage...somewhere in my bed!!!! 

All of this cause I decided a few weeks ago to cut my pill cages? That sounds weird is hard to explain things, where is a picture ... no picture i don't know how to work this, maybe some day ...(i though it looked more organized but it cut out the names of the pills in the back ). 

Ps: i don't know how commas work.

Wish me luck 🤞🍀🤞🍀

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