i miss it so much

i miss when i first started:

minecraft. like, the magic of this rlly cool game with such amazing game mechanics and a free roam game that allows you to beat a dragon but you can build instead? so epic. now i've gotten so lonely on there since i cant even play online now, so its not the same. yall should give me building recommendations !!

spacehey. honestly, i feel like this website has died so quickly. i barely see any blogs like this, so i thought i'd make one. also i only see like 4 people doing bulletins... i have like, what? 83 friends? i just kinda wish i saw more interaction on here, since this is such an epic website !! im gonna start posting more, im gonna solve this problem !!!!!

school. nobody was insecure yet since we were ALL insane and crazy. all we wanted to do was eat worms and kick rocks, and maybe also kick worms and eat rocks. nowadays people judge people for their weight, what they wear, what they eat, how they act, and their mental state. like... when did we stop eating worms? can we go back to that? i dont wanna get bullied rn, i wanna eat womrs.

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