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MARCH 7TH 2023

Twas a shitty day today

Woke up sick physicly and mentally which is fun. I ended up taking a day off of school to ground myself and do school work from home.

At 12 someone broke into my house so I called my dad. My dad asked me to check to see who they were bc I said that the dogs were exited. ofc I didnt cuz not only do I not know who it is, I am paranoid as fuck. It was only after the intruder left that I realised it was my step sisyer. My dad told me that I needed to fucking man up. After this fiasco he told me to do not only me and my sisters chores, but my brothers as well. He also informed me that my step mom got mad at him because she said that he was babying me too much and that I had to go to school tomorow. He hung up shortly after.

When I saw my step sister again I had flashbacks. 

At this point I had gotten enough work done and probably couldnt do anything else if I wanted to so I started talking to some friends. 

At 5 I said goodbye and went on to do my chores. 

When i was done that I texted my dad to see what he was planning for supper. he called me and told me that everyone had already eaten and to make my own food. He then asked what was wrong I told him that I thought that kelly was a hypocrite. i didnt get much farther then that before he shut me up. He hung up again.

Not even 5 min later he called back and told me that he was very upset at me. that he was trying his best to make me comfertable. he then acussed me of playing with his emotions and basicly gaslighting himm into staying home. When I tried tellling him that i had been going to school and was currently was doing school work, he told me that he didnt care and that attendence was what was important. He told me that he was having a good day and went to say something else before I said "sorry for ruining your day" and hanging up. 

He got home at 7:20 with my brother and sounds pissed. he doesnt look like hes going to bother me again for today tho. I really hope that he doesnt just try and brush this off like all the times before that. I just want to talk to him but he just shuts me down and speaks over me.

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