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  • racists, transphobes, homophobes... basic dni
  • Dsmp fans (yall weird asf)
  • cringe ass anime fans  (as someone who watches anime... y'all scary ) 
  •  ppl who glamourize mental disorders (Y'all are stupid asf)
  • maps or whatever tf their called
  • Weird furries (some of y'all need serious help)
  • Msi and Botdf supporters (if u listen to botdf dni, idrc about msi)
  • Non blk ppl who say the n word
  • Ppl who say slurs they can't reclaim.
  • Fujoshis, Fudanshi, Himejoshis, Himedanshis, ECT (ik you smell like straight ass)
  • Hypocrites
  • ppl who can actually spell (YALL ARE BULLIES)
  • Ppl who dont like me. 

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