I DID IT!! Coding Edition

1 D1DN7 4C7U4LLY 7H1NK 1'D 83 48L3 70 CR3473 MY P3RF3C7 7HP4C3H3Y PR0F1L3, 8U7 1 4C7U4LLY D1D 17.
MY PR0F1L3 15 99% 7H3 W4Y 1 W4N7 17, 8U7 175 N07 L1K3 1 G1V3 4 5H17 3N0UGH 70 100% 17. R3G4RDL357H, 1'M V3RY V3RY H4PPY. 1'V3 833N 571MM1NG F0R 7H3 P457 20 M1N5 3V3RY 71M3 1 G07 50M37H1NG R1GH7 L0L.

1F 4NY0N3 R34D1NG 7H17H 3V3R W4N75 H3LP W17H 7H31R PR0F1L3 L4Y0U7, JU57 L37 M3 KN0W. 1 W3N7 1N70 1N73N53 HYP3R57UDY M0D3 70 L34RN 480U7 54PC3H3Y'5 C0D1NG 👍


Translation: Woah! i didnt actually think i'd be able to create my perfect Spacehey profile, but i actually did it. My profile is 99% the way i want it, but its not like i give a shit enough to 100% it. regardless, i'm very very happy. i've been stimming for the past 20 mins every time i got something right lol. if anyone reading this ever wants help with their profile layout, just let me know. I went into intense hyperstudy mode to learn about Sapcehey's coding.

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I always believed in you bud! you genuinely did awesome with it!! i'm (obviously) gonna need your help with mine tomorrow

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7H4NK55555! 4ND Y0U G07 17!!
thanksssss! and you got it!!

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