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Shuffling around bric-a-brac

I've spent most of today doing some tidying and decluttering. It feels nice to put things in their proper places. I love to anthropomorphize... I imagine my belongings feeling lost and alienated when they are scattered about all lackadaisical-like, and then feeling at peace once I return them to their homes. Sometimes that home is the trash can. :-)

One thing I did that has made me feel soothed is that I took down all of the letter magnets off of my refrigerator and put them away in a plastic baggie. I might bring them out again someday when I feel like composing a cryptic technicolor message out of plastic bits. But for now, it's nice to not have so many symbols floatin' around in the kitchen.

Currently I am rifling through old notebooks and consulting ancient to-do lists, and feeling cheered by the things I have accomplished. It's a lot! I have new to-do items, of course, but many tasks that once seemed insurmountable have been surmounted many moons ago. The major thing I still need to do is learn how to drive. A coworker from my last job was going to teach me, but I haven't heard much from her after our first parking lot test drive. I may have to locate a new instructor with more time on her hands and a gusto for dangerĀ 

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This was very enjoyable to read.

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Thank you! I am happy to have entertained you :D

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