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1'M 50 3XC173D 7H47 MY H34DM4737H 70LD M3 480U7 5P4C3H3Y!! MY PR0F1L3 15 1N N0 W4Y D0N3 1N 73RM5 0F MY C0D1NG, 8U7 1'M R34LLY H4PPY W17H H0W 17'5 C0M1NG 4L0NG 7H0 F4R! 1 C4N'7 W417 70 M337 P30PL3!!


Translation:I'm so excited that my headmates told me about spacehey!! my profile is in no way done in terms of my coding, but i'm really happy with how it's coming along so far! i can't wait to meet people!!

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yoyoyo, love ur profile!! glad ur headmates told u abt this u seem rlly cool /p

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44444H 7H4NK Y0U 50 MUCH!!! Y0U 533M C00L 700!
aaaaah thank you so much!!! you seem cool too!

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