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MARCH 6TH 2023

Skipped school today bc I had an appointment. Basically just went to this place to check my wisdom teeth. I now have another appointment on March 30th to get them taken out.

I also just felt crappy in general today. I almost snapped at a friend bc shes letting some homophobe run around in her discord server. I know its not her fault tho. Shes going through a lot and has barely been active as is so I just left call after telling her what he did.

Had to cancel on someone else for a movie marathon too. We were supposed to watch JJBA together but I didnt have the energy for it.

Met someone new yesterday and texted them all day tho. It was nice to be able to talk about my hyperfixation without it feeling like Its a one sided convo.

I think Im so tired bc my step mom was ordering me around all day. She told me to do both me and my sisters chores and was about to add the dishes on top but we had to leave thankfully. I hate my step mom. Sometimes Im like "oh wow this is nice, she actually seems really cool" and then turns around and does this shit to me. I didnt even get to eat this morning.

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