Kwite Drama... (TW r@p3)

There are allegations going on with a popular youtuber who goes by the name "Kwite." Personally I enjoy him as a content creator and what I saw on him the other day shocked me. There is someone by the name of Orion, claiming to have been r@p3d by Kwite while in an extremely toxic relationship with him on and off since 2017. Orion has evidence that him and Kwite are friends so it's impossible that an internet troll is just trying to take down Kwite's account. Orion showed a screenshot of a photo gallery with him and Kwite hanging out along with screenshots and screen recordings of their discord chats. It has been proven that it is Kwite's real discord account and soon after the allegations came out, he deactivated his account.  People have been bugging and asking Orion for proof Kwite r@p3d them, to the point of him blocking everyone who asked for further proof. The said story was that Orion and Kwite were going out to see a movie and afterwards in the car, Kwite tried to touch on Orion, he told him to stop and he no longer felt comfortable with being touched. Kwite kept on doing it saying "Orion asked for it." This is only a light cover over the story, if you would like me to go further into detail I will, but as of now Kwite has not responded to any accusations, confirmed nor denied any of them. 

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thats so fucked up, i hope Orion gets the justice they deserve.

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same here, with the more information I get about the allegations I'll update everyone as it goes.

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