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name: Amber
nickname: Kermit
age: 21
pronouns: Any
birthday: April 7
siblings: Yes
straight/bi/gay: Bi Aspec


hair color: Brown
eye color: Grey
height: Short
ethnicity: White
look like a celeb: Nope!
dye your hair: I used to
have bangs: Sometimes if i feel like styling
have braces: Nope!
wear glasses: YES
wear contacts: Nope!
piercings: Nope!
tattoos: Not yet!


Color: Green!
Movie: Re-Animator
TV show: Right now it's Hellsing Ultimate
animal: I don't know!
drink: Iced Green Tea
food: Fried chicken maybe
alcoholic drink: Rosé or vodka
day of the week: Friday
season: Fall
song: One-Winged Angel from Final Fantasy VII (seriously)
sport: I like going for walks
restaurant: I don't eat out much. Maybe Popeyes?
teacher: I'm not in school. Haha.
subject: I liked science a lot
holiday: Halloween
book: The Invisible Man by H.G. Wells
magazine: Fangoria!
flower: Oleander
memory: Whenever I get to hang out with my friends is always a good memory worth keeping!


person you hugged: Probably my mom
thing you said: I'm not sure
thing you ate: Chocolate bar
texted: Probably my sister
you called: I don't make phonecalls
called you: My mom
person you saw: My mom
you had a long conversation with: I don't know


summer or winter: Winter
cats or dogs: Dogs
Pepsi or Coke: Coke
cell phone or iPod: Cell phone!
ocean or pool: Pool
black or white: Black
chocolate or vanilla: It depends
flowers or candy: Candy
rock or rap: Rock
TV or movie: Movie
stars or hearts: Stars
bracelets or necklaces: Necklaces
gold or silver: Silver
kisses or hugs: Hugs
pen or pencil: Pen


smoked: Yes (not cigarettes)
stayed home from school: I'm not in school.
been to the mall: I think so.
bought a book: No
been to a show/concert: No
yelled at someone: No
got into a fight/argument: No
cried to a friend: No
told the truth: Yes


TV: Yes
your own phone: Yes
your own phone line: Nope!
VCR: Nope :(
DVD player: I play movies on my PlayStation
radio: Yes!
computer: Yes!
posters: Yes!
pictures: Yep!


taken or single: Single
got a crush: Not on anyone real. Haha.

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